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This was a really nice throw together meal that tasted delish. Made a few changed. Used ginger instead of garlic and added a slice fo red pepper diced up, some brussel sprouts, zucchini and used shitake mushrooms instead of the typical. Yum, quick, easy, perfect.

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Lani D May 10, 2006

A very good meal for a steamy summer night! I made a few adjustments since I started with about 1 1/2 lbs.of chicken breast. I needed a bit more broth, added a lot more green onion and seasoned with a teaspoon of Italian herb blend plus additional basil and oregano. We had it over Easy Rice and Orzo #16247. and everything was eaten up. Thanks for a light,tasty meal.

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HEP MEP June 28, 2005

My husband and I have turned into health-conscious eaters and this delightful chicken recipe proved to be both healthy and tasty! My finicky husband even commented how delicious it was and determined it "a keeper" in my low-fat recipe stash. The fresh spinach provided that splash of color that would rate this dish in the "For Company" category. I served this dish with whole wheat vermicelli the first night and reheated the leftovers served on Ronzoni brand penne rigate with freshly grated parmesan later in the week. Will definitely make again!

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svacina June 25, 2005

I really enjoyed this. I had everything I needed, had to sub a sliced leek for the green onions. I took a different approach to it. I sprayed a non-stick pan, and sauteed the chicken for a few minutes, then added the leek, mushrooms, and garlic. I let that cook for a few minutes. I nuked my spinach (frozen) in an uncovered bowl for 4 minutes. It comes out dry. I omitted the chicken broth due to the moisture from all the veges, etc. I tossed it all together, simmered it for a few minutes. I had to uncover it to reduce the liquid (I DID drain the tomatoes). This was very tasty. I sprinkled a little parmesan cheese over the top. Yummy!

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papergoddess February 03, 2005
Low-Fat Chicken and Veggie Saute