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This was a mouth explosion of wonderful Flavors. I added different ingredients like caramelized sweet onions, crumbled bacon bits, asiago, fontina, chipotle chili powder and paprika for a more smoky flavor. Increased the number eggs by one, disregarded anything fat free and presented a delicious fluffy ensemble of tastiness to my monthly cooking club.

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Arjejackson January 18, 2013

I haven't made a souffle for years and I was quite pleased with how this turned out, the only thing I changed was I used frozen whole green beans becauce of the cost factor and this was the first time I made this I did not want to take a chance with using asparagus, I went the full-fat route as I really never use lowfat cheese for cooking, also I used my own chicken broth next time I make this I will use the asparagus and I will make this again soon, thanks for sharing hon!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz November 16, 2007

Delightful mouthfuls of fluffy goodness! The low fat content doesn't hinder the flavors one bit! YUM! Made for French Food & Foto Fun event.

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Caroline Cooks November 16, 2007

This is the second time I made a souffle and this came out just perfect. It does not say what size dish, I used the white round casserole dish that is 7.5" in diameter. I followed the recipe exactly except like others used a regular guyuerre (sp?) cheese. Also I used broccolini instead of asparagus. You could put any kind of vegetable in this and it would be great. I want to try mushrooms next time. I cooked this for about 35 minutes before it looked done. I know you are supposed to eat right away, but it is so HOT.... Great with a simple green salad.

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maverickguy May 17, 2013
Low Fat Cheese and Asparagus Soufflé