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Love this! Coincidentally, I'd just invented and posted a recipe for cashew-carrot hummus. The flavors of these two ingredients are so tasty together. A keeper!

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La Dilettante August 26, 2011

So simple to make- so healthy! So yummy! I love it! All I have to do is learn not to burn the cashews :-) I am a cilantro fan so I loved that addition. Also, 4 oz of cashews by weight seemed like a huge amount, so I assumed it to be 1/2 cup. That worked very well. Thanks for this one!

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White Rose Child July 07, 2008

Hey, mickeydownunder, here's our 100th review! This soup is good stuff! :) I added garlic with the onion & thought about adding chili too, but thought I'd wait n' see how it turned out first......absolutely YUM, that's how! We had roasted, un-salted cashews on hand, so didn't need to worry about roasting/toasting them & just crushed them with the Bamix & mixed it into the hot soup. We did add some hot chili powder to our bowls & found a winner! Thanks for sharing, mickeydownunder :)

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Rhiannon and Matt June 04, 2008

Heart warming soup. I added the cashews but as the other reviewer pointed out next time I will give them a miss. I followed the instructions and ingredients as listed except I did not puree the soup it is lovely to see the carrots. I added the finely chopped cashews just 5 minutes before serving. Lovely filling, healthy soup Thanks Mickeydownunder for posting

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Bergy November 26, 2007

Excellent soup! In fact I have already made it twice in one week and have containers of this sitting in my freezer so that I can have healthy lunches in the next weeks. I made it the first time with cashews and it's excellent!... I made it the second time without the cashews and it's .... still excellent! For me at least, what puts the finishing touch on this dish and sets it apart is not so much the cashews, but the coriander/cilantro. I added a generous half cup and if you adore cilantro/coriander you will LOVE this recipe. Oddly enough, if you tasted this soup blind, you might guess that it's pumpkin soup!.. I kept that thought to myself, I gave some to DH , who immediately said "tastes nice, does it have pumpkin in it?" LOL.I also used homemade vegetable stock (no salt) so this can be made even healthier! DH however is not a soup lover (much as I try) so I am making this for me me me ! and will happily be making this OFTEN as I look for healthier eating options. Please see my rating system: this recipe deserves 5 stars in my book! Thanks!

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kiwidutch September 01, 2007
Low Fat Cashew and Carrot Soup (Vegetarian Too!)