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I have to say that I am rating this solely on method, because I did not use the light ingredients. Black Forest is my husband's favourite, but I won't make a whole one or buy a gross one from the grocery store. So, I made this for the two of us for Christmas dinner. I made my own cherry filling with some frozen cherries I had pitted along with some sugar, cornstarch, and kirsch. I whipped real cream with some kirsch, too, and then I layered as described with the cookies. After about 6 hours in the fridge, the cookies had magically turned to cake and the layers came together very nicely. I will try this again, post-hoilday, with the light ingredients, or, as another reviewer suggested, with other flavours of pie filling and cookies.

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angelak January 12, 2011

I am a diabetic and always looking for something chocolate that I am allowed to eat. This sounded too simple to be good - but when I tried it - WOW - yummy and delicious. I've since tried it with gingersnaps, fat-free cool whip & light apple pie filling - also yummy. Thanks Fitzjam for a lovely and easy recipe!

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epjones March 19, 2007
Low Fat Black Forest-Like Cake