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This is a great pie! I love custards and this one is awesome. The rum is the best part of course :)

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Chef Jean August 30, 2008

This is a fantastic recipe that I can't recommend enough! In a bid to feel a bit less deprived on my diet I wanted to give it a go and it did not disappoint. I have to say as well that the filling sauce alone was worth it's weight in gold. The sugar, flour, egg, milk, vanilla and rum combo even hot was absolutely fabulous and I'll definitely make it again - probably as an alternative to custard or just fpr a dessert on it's own. I ended up making a few more substitutions than planned. To the best of my knowledge we don't have graham crackers in the UK so I was going to get low fat digestive biscuits. Somewhere between the shopping list and my loading the cart up I had a mental abberation though as when I came to get the digestives from the cupboard they had magically turned into hobnobs (an oaty biscuit)!!! I was undeterred though as hobnobs are great and I had no doubt they'd be fine, if different, for the base. The other sub was the rum. I knew we didn't have banana rum but thought we had dark rum in. Turns out the only rum we had in was malibu (coconut flavoured white rum) but hey - rum's rum right? Anyway, 2 fairly big subs but the flavour still came out fantastically and I'd happily make it as directed or with my amendments again. This is just an all-round winning recipe. It really doesn't take long to make, it is a good, low fat dessert, and it looks fantastic - so much so that I would be quite happy to serve it to company. They layers of bananas make it look particularly good (picture to follow). I don't give out 5 stars that easily so big thanks for Maito for this wonderful recipe!

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Wendy-Bob July 24, 2007

I made the filling only and used Splenda for the sugar and egg white in place of the yolk (only because I'm on strict cholesterol watch). I think I used a tad too much gelatin because mine set a little firmer than what I see in the other pix. It sure didn't hurt the taste any! and the next time I make this I'll try a bit less of the gelatin. It makes a wonderful summery pudding dessert that is a real treat. Very simple to make too!

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Annacia July 27, 2008

Awesome, I would have picture excpept DH and his friend got into it before it was even in the fridge long enough. Obviously they didn't care since 1/2 or it was gone by the time I caught them. (they were nice enough to save me some) Leanne

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Chef at Heart June 24, 2008

Yo ho ho and a pinch of rum! this was really good! I tried this because I never had pie with rum in it. I kept away from the 'low--' ingredients and used a pre-made pie crust because I wanted full charged flavor. I'm makin this again real soon. thanks Maito!

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2Bleu October 25, 2007
Low Fat Banana Cream Pie