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Five Stars WITH some adjustments.... I ran out of flour and all I had was this bag of low-fat baking mix that my grandma gave me... SO to make this recipe taste a little better I used 1 FULL cup of unsalted butter instead of 2/3cup, I also added 1/2cup white sugar and I put in a pinch of salt and instead of 1/2cup oats (come one, who makes oatmeal cookies with 1/2 cup of oats?!) I added two full cups (the extra butter helped with adding more oats.) Oh, and I added 1/2 cup extra baking mix to make them softer... And they turned out GREAT! My version is obviously less healthy... but come on, these are cookies lol!

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Trina O. March 17, 2015

I made these cookies today and they are great ! I used the applesauce and 1/2 cup brown sugar ( the other 1/2 cup was splenda) and they are sooo moist ! My kids loved them and even I didn't feel guilty eating them. I will definatly make these again and would probablly add some pecans just to have that extra crunch. They are very cake like. We loved them !

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Baker Beth August 16, 2007
Low Fat Baking Mix Oatmeal Cookies