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I'm soooo sorry. I really really wanted to love this. I had seen it at hungry girl as well and was really looking forward to it. I made it exactly as stated except I used regular skim and 1/3 cup more marshmallows. To begin with, the texture was wrong. I think this HAS to be run through the food processor. Just mashing did not work at all for me. Nothing broke down or got any smoother and I found myself really unhappy with the texture. Secondly, it wasn't sweet at all. It just didn't have any flavor to me. We ended up throwing it out. I'm sorry Ashley. I wanted this to become a favorite that I made over and over again to beat cravings, but it just did not work for me.

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ladypit November 26, 2006
Low Fat and Healthier Squash Pie/Mash