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This recipe is definitely not low-carb the way it has been given here. Low carb would require full-fat cream cheese, sugar substitute of some kind - i.e. Splenda & no pre-made chocolate chips. The cherries are bottled with full sugar syrup and won-ton wrappers have 4.5 grams of carbs each (those doing very low carb usually limit carbs to 20 total per day). With that said - if you are NOT doing low-carb, this recipe sounds really scrumptious.

To make this recipe as low carb as possible, I recommend substituting regular cream cheese for low-fat cream cheese. Substitute Splenda for the sugar. Substitute melted butter for the spray and finally, remove the chocolate chips from the ingredients & substitute fresh strawberries or raspberries instead of the bottled cherries.

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The Simple Recipe Diva March 07, 2011
Low Carb Wonton Sundaes