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Ok, this was good, but it did not taste like Tiramisu! This turned out more like a low-carb sponge cake and in that sense it was good. I would use this as a base for a low-carb tiramisu and maybe soak pieces of it in a coffee mixture and then layer pieces with Mascarpone cheese (sp?). Anyway, for a low-carb treat this was good. It is like a spongy merangue (sp?) and smelled like eggs when baking, but turned out alright

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applee August 12, 2004

As a tiramisu it is incomplete...as a basic cake that could be used for a multitude of other applications, not bad. I used it to make a low carb lemon roll cake with low carb lemon curd. It made a beautiful cake that held up well to rolling in a kitchen towel and to the lemon curd. Very easy. As the other reviewer stated, it could easily have the coffee and mascarpone & maybe some alcohol added to make tiramisu. Down 120lbs with my low carb lifestyle! Good luck!

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peggycep_13163473 January 29, 2015
Low Carb Tiramisu