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Delicious! I didn't use this yet as a taco shell, instead I filled it with braunschweiger and mustard and ate it like a sandwich. Mine was cruchy yet chewy and DELICIOUS!! I will use this is so many different ways!

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Sooz Cooks March 08, 2010

this worked perfectly. I used a slice of Provolone cheese, put it on a waxed paper plate. I microwaved it one minute and twenty seconds for my microwave. When it was done I got it off the paper plate, set it on a napkin and just bent it until it held it's shape. Then filled with taco fillings, meat, sour cream, guacamole, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Wonderful. I have my Mexican fix back. Thanks for the recipe

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D. Goad July 31, 2010

Awesome!!! Like the above reviewers this takes time to get right. I used sliced deli cheddar, and I found that I had to microwave each one for 1:30 to get it crunchy and not chewy. I also drained them right out of the microwave and blotted them on paper towels, and the final product was not greasy at all (although you should have seen all the fat draining off these babies!)

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cookin' from scratch August 16, 2006

I'm so glad I found this recipe! These worked out perfect for tacos on my South Beach diet! I used Colby cheese (bought them in the dairy aisle already 1/2 circled shaped) and placed 2 pieces on the paper, to make the circle, over lapping straight edge of the cheese just a little bit. I microwaved for 50 seconds, let it set out about 2 minutes and then "shaped" it by placing the paper and cheese in my porcelain napkin holder. Let that set about 3 minutes, peeled and filled the shell up with the meat and toppings. Make sure you have lots of napkins, the shell is quite greasy, of course. Thanks for posting this gem!

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TheDancingCook June 10, 2005

Brian, just posted my first picture and it was your Low Carb Taco Shells. These are without a doubt the best low carb idea yet. Not only did these satisfy our craving for "crunch" my DH was hungry for taco's. These little babies are habit forming. After having these for dinner one evening, I made "chips" with this recipe the next day. I could not find anything in my kitchen that I thought was round and small enough to look like a taco. So as soon as I removed the cheese from the oven, I just held together two opposite ends of the parchment paper so the cheese was shaped like a taco. I held the cheese in place with the parchment attached for about 1 minute, just long enough for the cheese to cool slightly and retain the shape, then removed the parchment. Amazing!!! My method may be too time consuming if you are making these for a dinner party, but just for the two of us, it took no time at all. Thanks so much for posting. I hope everyone tries these!

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Lan March 29, 2005

Oh, my! These are too stinking good! I made little 'crackers' by measuring the cheese in tablespoons. Try adding some finely chopped herbs and garlic to the cheese before nuking...chives, basil, and rosemary were all delicious.

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Vina December 11, 2004

You've saved my life... I really missed crackers and this is a great substitute. I've used a number of different cheeses and they've been great! Thanks

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Kirste August 10, 2004

These are very good. I did not do the shells, but made plenty of chips. I nibble on them at night while I am reading. Do not use the Press and seal wrap. It will melt and you will eat the plastic wrap. I have since bought parchment paper and will try that.

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Breanna Baylor May 26, 2004

Blown away with how good these are and I always have cheese around! My family was impressed too they said it was like a cheese it and they love those. If you ever thought about making your own shells try this soooo easy!

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Kari P. June 03, 2015

Thank you so much! This was outstanding in all respects! Low carb just got a heck of a lot easier. I put different cheese mixtures on parchment paper and heated them for one minute and ten seconds in the microwave. Then, I held them in my hands at the shape of a taco. They all were great! They were every bit as good as a "real" taco shell except they lacked the salty taste, so I added salt and fresh ground peppercorn as the cheese was still hot and beginning to cool. OMG it was really good!!

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Whiskey_and_Koffee June 14, 2014
Low Carb Taco Shells