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Absolutely delicious! I am in the transition from vegetarian to a ketogenic diet, and this was a great way to start off. Great flavor, the meat wasn't dry at all. Two suggestions- Don't add the extra seasoning salt. I didn't, and it tasted just salty enough with the other seasonings. Also, cut the bell peppers in half, and stuff the halves instead of a big pepper. It makes the bell pepper easier to eat, and if you're not as hungry you can have a smaller meal. Overall, a great low-carb meal!

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kangaroofish March 31, 2013

Made this the other day to use many leftover ingredients I had on hand. It had a really great flavor! I made a couple of small adjustments to the recipe to use what I had. I used Fri Diablo pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce, and added a little bit of Pomi strained tomato to the mixture before filling the peppers as I like things a little more saucy. The green peppers seemed a little to firm for me when cooked as instructed - next time I will precook them a little in the microwave to soften before filling. None the less - still a great recipe!

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Beverly A. February 19, 2013

My husband said these were the best peppers he ever ate, and we have had many through the years. First of all, I did not use 4 peppers since there are only 2 of us. I had some huge ones in my garden, so split 2 of them. Used grass fed ground beef, and instead of pizza sauce, used tomato sauce (small can) in which I made homemade pizza sauce (basil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper). This is what I added to the top of the peppers. Then topped with mixture of cheddar/mozarella, pre shredded. Spices I kept as specified. Also baked for much longer than specified, about 45 minutes to an hour, which I think helped to meld the flavors. They were perfect, and the peppers were still firm and not soggy. Served with low carb mashed potatoes as DH is diabetic. Definitely will be making again! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

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MaggieOhio July 24, 2012

Chef Trayle.....your stuffed pepper recipe is incredible! The flavors meld into your sences bringing to mind a Carillo tour of the Greek Islands, Italy and the entire Mediterranean tours! We can't wait to serve this to all our friends along with a low carb Caprisi Salad perhaps. I really want this back on my table....like tomorrow night! Thank You Chef for sharing!

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Bear K. May 18, 2016

Loved it! Used ground chicken because it was cheaper than ground turkey . I cooked it at least 30 minutes because I prefer softer peppers. The cheese, while not burnt, was quite crispy. Next time I will cut the peppers in half so I have more surface area for that scrumptious crispy cheese!!

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HeatherN May 07, 2015

This felt super decadent, but knowing it was pretty healthy made it extra enjoyable! The little bit of cheese on top was perfect, just enough to make these seem naughty! I loved all the flavours with the chicken and baked peppers are just the best!

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anniesnomsblog November 29, 2014

Made this for the first time today. Very good! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is this: I would half-stuff the peppers, put half the cheese, then the remainder of the stuffing and cheese on top. That way you have the cheese spread throughout instead of just on top.

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Mark H. July 31, 2016

This recipe is crazy good! I just bought all the ingredients to make it again! I used Jennie-O Italian Seasoned Lean Ground Turkey and that was delish!

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one-arm cook May 28, 2016

My Husband and I enjoyed this meal very much. I did change a few things. I substituted hamburger instead of the turkey. I also used spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce. In addition to the tablespoon of sauce used on each pepper in the recipe, I also mixed in about 1/4 cup in the meat mixture. Next time I would soften the bell peppers a bit more. But, overall a great low carb alternative to the traditional stuffed bell pepper recipe. A bit of light sour cream on the side was good too:)

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Chef JennaLynn March 16, 2014
Low Carb Stuffed Bell Peppers