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First thing, these do not taste like your usual peanut butter cookies you are used to.. However for those cutting down on carbs it's a good treat! I followed recipe exactly, however added 1/2 tsp of baking powder as recommended by other users. End result was not bad but not amazing either. Very crumbly and not really cookie texture. I ended up mushing a few up in a small bowl and added whipped cream and chopped strawberries.. Now this was amazing! Tasted like I was eating a low carb crumble Cake! Yum! Might use this recipe for crumble desserts :)

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Jaclynn Miller February 02, 2015

So easy to make!! I loved them. Even hubby who loves carbs ate 2 of them! I am interested in trying some of the variations to the recipe that I've read here in the reviews.

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Angie T. May 25, 2014

These little gems are amazing good! I used Egg Beaters for the egg. I used 3/4 cup splenda. I also added about 3 tablespoons of flaxseed meal. They are a little crumbly, but well worth the crumbs!

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Hazeleyes June 21, 2012

I loved the crumbly outer edge part. The middle part was a bit too gooey/peanut buttery. So I crumbled them up and made a crust for a low-carb cheese cake out of the middles. I did cut the splenda to 3/4 C, and it was still too splenda-ie for me. Probably 1/2 C would have worked. Going to try this with some almond nut butter I have.

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Cyn2bnvd June 11, 2012

This were super easy to make. I used 3/4 cup Splenda like many suggested and thought they were sweet enough that way. Not as peanut buttery as some in the family would have liked. I am curious to see if they seem more peanut buttery the day after as sometimes that is true with peanut butter cookies, but don't know if they will make it that long.

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jagmichigan December 06, 2011

Okay, this isn't going to be a normal cookie. However, for what it is and what we all need it to be ingredient-wise, it is quite good. I did make some changes. I used 1 cup natural PB, 1 cup sweetener (half equal, half splenda), 3 egg whites, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp vanilla. When you mix that all up it is a goopy mess, so I added enough flax meal to make it a normal cookie batter consistency (maybe 1/2 cup? Unsure since I just dumped some in :D). Then I balled them up in my hands, lined them up about an inch apart and squished them with a fork. I baked them for 8 minutes and let them cool on paper towels. They have an earthy taste from the flax, but still a COOKIE! :D If you want a real cinnamon taste, I would add 2 tsp cinnamon. I can't taste it with just the 1 tsp.

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kjlacky September 07, 2011

My husband and I are always looking for great low-carb recipes!!! This one is awesome and helps me with my sweet tooth :)

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chicnug17 July 26, 2011

One more thing... Okay besides using the Altern 3/4 cup sugar sub. The other very important thing is MKAE SURE YOU USE A PEANUT BUTTER THAT IS CREAMY... I use Skippy Natural creamy peanut butter. If you use the natural peanut butters that separate ( they have a layer of oil on top) it wont turn out as good. Because there is no flour you need a creamy peanut butter that does its part in holding the cookie together... Skippy Natural is by far the best non-hydrogenated peanut butter i have found... there is no separating and it is very creamy and it tastes by far the best i have found. Jiff has a natural peanut butter which tastes okay... but it is more like eating pureed nuts. its not very creamy- Much luck everyone!!! i love that this recipe doesn't have a lot of ingredients!!! Wonderful!!!

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k.robicheaux April 17, 2011

I used the advise of other reviewers and went with 3/4 cup splenda, a scoop of flax, 1/2 tsp. baking powder and 1 egg. I was sad when I took them out as they all broke in 1/2 upon trying to get them off the baking sheet. I did use sugar-free all natural peanut butter which could be the culprit. They have good flavor just giving it 3 stars for the fact that they fell apart.

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lindsay827 January 26, 2011

Maybe it's because I'm new to a low carb diet, but I was expecting these to taste a little like the real deal. They didn't. I did the 3/4 cup of Splenda like some of the other reviewers suggested. I also dusted with the Splenda (which I would not do if I made these again - too sweet). They ARE very crumbly and have to be handled gently or they fall apart. I was not impressed. Again, I'm new to this diet and not a big fan of the taste of Splenda anyway, so I may not be totally objective. Perhaps if the adjustments are made that some other reviewers suggested (i.e, ricotta cheese) or maybe using a different sweetener these could be improved, but as is, I would definitely be losing the weight if these were the only sweets hanging around the house. =(

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br1195 January 24, 2011
Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies