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I made these cookies for my husband and myself and I have to say, sadly, they were not very good! Now, in all fairness, we are not strictly on any particular diet but are trying to make better decisions with our eats and treats. I didn't expect these to be anywhere near original peanut-butter cookies, and they were not (of course) but they were pretty dry and although they had a strong peanut butter flavor, they were not sweet at all. I used Stevia as my sugar substitute. I still want to thank-you for posting the recipe, as it seems there are many who have really enjoyed it, so Thank-you! :)

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amjharwood November 12, 2013

I'm Atkinsing currently, so I tried this recipe. I used 3/4 c splenda, but I will use a whole cup next time because I love sweets! I also added 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce, and 2 Tbsp soy flour. I baked them for 10 min on a non-greased sheet (the cookiedough has a ton of grease). It made 24 small-medium cookies. I immediately moved them to a cooling rack while they were soft, before they could crumble. But mine are crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside, so the texture is nice. They do taste a bit bland. I think adding chocolate or coconut or nuts would make them nicer. But, as a low-carber, they are waaaay better than no dessert at all.

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Laura A. November 02, 2013

Excellent cookies. I did as some said and used 2 eggs. Also 2 teaspoons of coco powder to make them chocolate peanut butter. And added 1 tsp of baking powder. They puffed up nicely and stayed soft and chewy. I totally forgot the vanilla but they were still good. I also used 3/4 cup of coconut crystals vs. splenda since I don't like the aftertaste. They were not overly sweet and although it upped the carb count a bit, I felt it a good trade off for flavor and consistency.

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rtroiani June 08, 2013

This cookie recipe is the first low carb cookie recipe I have ever made.

I made the following changes to the recipe:
1 tsp of baking powder
2 tbsp of flaxseed
a dash of vanilla extract
an extra egg (2 eggs total)
1 tsp of cinnamon
3/4 cup of Splenda (instead of 1 cup)

It's not super crumbly, but it's rather dry and hard to swallow without a drink on hand. It wasn't too sweet (or Splenda-y) and the PB taste was pretty prominent. A good cookie all around. It's not like a normal peanut butter and it doesn't taste as good (that's expected) but still not bad and will keep you on the healthy eating wagon even when you have a peanut butter cookie craving that makes you crazy.

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Germazn112 January 04, 2013

These are so delicious! I also made them using 3/4 cup of peanut butter and 3/4 cup of whipped cream cheese, just to cut down even more on carbs, and the cookies came out SO moist and soft, not one bit crumbly. I did have to bake them for additional time, I think it was about 20mins, then let them cool a bit on the pan and put them in the fridge to firm up and they're perfect! The "dough" is clearly less firm so it's a little messier in preparation, but it's totally worth it for the more moist end result!

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amaduko September 27, 2011

Are you people serious?!!!! My whole family started cracking up at the same time and we all had them in our mouth and couldn't talk because they coated our mouth so terribly! Imagine what a dog looks like when he eats a spoonful of peanut butter and times that by twenty. That is the feeling you will have while eating these cookies.... I tried to warn my kids they would need some milk but what I didn't say was they would require a gallon to just get it down!!!! When some of the reviewers mentioned crumbly, I didn't know what to expect... Try more like disenegrate on contact! My 11 year old is stoked to take these tomorrow to school to trade for a "trick trade" at lunch we named it... and also he had the idea of these being the perfect April Fool's cookie.... By all means I will give it 5 stars too!!!!! The most hilarious cookie I have ever made! BTW, you all must have been on a diet or some kind of depravation diet for some time now if this is 5 stars to you!!!! Come on! Jokes on me I guess! Cheers!!

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LifeasaHouse January 08, 2009

DH & I love these cookies. We have been on South Beach Diet and these cookies are a perfect little "sweet" to go with our evening cup of tea. They are easy & quick to whip up. I find that if I let them cool completely on the cookie sheet they do not crumble as much. Tonight I am making a low carb cheescake using these as the crust.

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Carb Lover April 23, 2005

GREAT Cookies, They would make a good crust for a cheese cake. I used An all natural peanut butter, has no additives. I made a ball & flattened them with a fork this worked great. So YUMMY and not crumbly. These will be a regular at our house. DH loves sweets, He is a Diebetic.

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Barb Gertz February 26, 2004

I just made these and they are very good. I used extra crunchy peanut butter, which probably wasn't a good idea, since it made them more crumbly. I doubled the recipe, but used only 1 3/4 c. splenda as I can always taste it a mile away. On my last batch, I rolled them in a ball and pressed them down with a fork and they held together much better and looked better too! Thanks for the recipe!

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Chill November 11, 2003

Yummy-need I say more

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Roza Bockelman August 23, 2003
Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies