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Very close to the real thing. The texture was great and the cottage cheese gave it a similar flavor to that of a buttermilk pancake. The only additions I made were some cinnamon and a little stevia to sweeten them a bit. These cook a bit longer than regular pancakes, about 6 plus minutes per side until their well browned, otherwise the flax is gummy in the middle. Next time I'm going to try a 50/50 nut meal and flax meal mix and see if they cook a little faster and for the nutty flavor.

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I<3butter! October 12, 2010

These came out wonderful! I also added some cinnamon, ginger, and splenda. Like the previous reviewer notes, you need to cook them a bit longer 5-6 mins on each side. Also note that the recipe makes 6 small pancakes - more like the stacking kind.

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Chef Laynie August 27, 2011
Low Carb Pancakes (Flax Seed)