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These are good! I Just made them this morning!They do have a french toast flavor and texture. Honestly, I couldn't taste the pork rinds. I added 1/3 cup water because I like thinner pancakes and a little more cinnamon. Also, I'm not a huge fan of sugar substitues (gas,bloating) so I used 2 TBSP agave syrup. (find at your health food store) It is very sweet and has a super low glycemic index. (27) You can also use it on the pancakes but I chose Mrs. Butterworths Sugar Free Syrup (awesom flavor found at Walmart) which of course contains a sugar sub. - The main reason why I didn't want too much Splenda in the cakes. I ate these with this in mind: These are not traditional carb/sugar loaded cakes. Keep an open mind, they are something different that can take the place of heart failure on a plate...

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bremner January 31, 2009

I give it 5 stars, because it has potential. This is my first try with the recipe. Originally I kept it true to its ingredients. I cooked the first pancake as directed. Then i started tweaking. I added 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and vanilla. Liked the flavor better. I turned on my "Waring Pro" restaurant style waffle iron. Sprayed it with butter flavored oil spray and set the timer to 4. It worked out well. I did notice that the waffle though fluffy was heavier than my all wheat or multiple grain waffles. I like the flavor of bacon rinds, but hardly eat them as they get stuck in my throat. Reason is they swell to much. So I was not surprised when I recognized that those pancakes kept thickening up. I also note that when I ate my one pancake I was satisfied. Moments later, I felt full. I think those rinds continue to swell. I liked the flavor with the added cinnamon and vanilla, though the other was very eatable. As a diabetic looking for lower carb recipes for breakfast, this one is a keeper.

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kstor1 July 05, 2008

These were pretty good, I added a few too many pork rinds so I had to add more wet ingrediants to compensate. It's a thicker more dense pancake, didn't know exactly what to expect. It's a nice change from eggs that's for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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Sidd February 06, 2004

These were tasty, and I don't really like pork rinds so I was nervous.
My issues are that depending on how finely you crush/grind your pork rinds you end up with different amounts. My was very finely ground and I think I ended up with more rinds than I should have. I added an additional 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water after letting it sit so that I had more of a batter and less of a paste.
My main complaint is that these were pretty salty pancakes, I am not sure if they make a low-sodium or no-salt pork rind, but if they do I would try those and add salt to taste.
I did use 1 tablespoon of Stevia in the Raw as I have bad reactions to Splenda.
I ate the first couple trial pancakes plain and had the next two with a bit of melted blackberry jam on them )not low carb, but again I can't use Splenda and I have yet to find a low-carb syrup sweetened with stevia.
Overall though I like these pancakes and they achieved what I was looking for. The last batch of low carb pancakes I made the batter was way too thin and these, although too thick, were correctable to an appropriate consistency. I think I may use the recipe that was too thin and simply bulk it up with a few crushed pork rinds, hopefully I will get the best of both worlds then :)
Happy cooking!

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peculiargirl June 21, 2012

An addendum to my previous post. I just did the math and if you eat all three pancakes, it works out to almost 740 calories! That doesn't include butter or syrup. No wonder I'm still full after eating them almost 6 hours ago... The nutritional facts listed with the recipe doesn't include the pork rinds! That would be like showing the nutritional info for cheesecake and not including the cream cheese!

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Mixerman March 24, 2012

Thank you Thank you!!!!! Roommate, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad, and dog, all loooved these. It was like having real pancakes...Perfect FAB!!!!!

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Natureschild January 15, 2009

Ok, and I agree with others that the consistency is more French toast than waffle or pancake. I did these in the waffle iron and got two huge waffles that puffed up beautifully. One filled me up, so I can't imagine one person eating the whole batch. That being said, I'm not sure this is almost 800 calories like a previous reviewer stated. You'd have to use a whole 5 oz bag to get your cup of crumbs, and I used less than a half. Half a 5 oz bag is about 400 calories. I'd have to guess that my one waffle was around 200 calories, which is on par with a regular serving of toaster waffles. I don't think this is going to replace the normal recipe I use that's lower fat, but it was a tasty enough experiment. I did use half a cup of egg whites, agave in the mix, and I subbed plain soy milk for the cream, since lactose spikes my blood sugar so bad. I also topped this with agave that I flavored with maple and butter extracts to taste more like breakfast syrup. My blood sugar stayed nice and level with this, so thanks for sharing!

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Queen Roachie February 08, 2013

Excellent! I served these with two strips of bacon and sunny-side eggs, and they were great!

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wayneis38 August 27, 2012

These are surprisingly very good BUT the spongy texture and eggy taste are reminiscent of french toast, not pancakes. For low carb pancakes I prefer using a recipe that uses almond flour but I'll be using this one when I have a craving for french toast. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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muncheechee July 23, 2012

I found these to be very tasty. I agree that they have a taste/texture a lot like french toast. Which is fine with me because I love french toast. I was skeptical about this because I think pork rinds are kinda gross, honestly. But I actually quite enjoyed these.

I made these per the recipe except that I used Stevia instead of Splenda. Splenda gives me migraines...as does aspartame (nutrasweet). Lucky me.

I crushed the pork rinds in a ziplock using a roller. Worked fine & only took a minute or two.

The batter turned out pretty thick, so I spooned it onto the skillet & fried in light oil. I like somewhat thick, fluffy pancakes, so no arguments here. If you like the pancakes thinner, use more liquids.

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msstaceyb July 21, 2012
Low Carb "Pancakes"