Low-Carb Pancakes

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

If you are watching your carbs and craving pancakes, here is a breakfast you will like. To obtain almond meal, put some almonds in your food processor and pulse them until they are the consistency of cornmeal. Be careful if you over-pulse, you will obtain almond butter :).

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  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Cook the batter as you would pancakes, be careful not to burn them as you might not get the regular bubbles.
  3. Serve them with sugar-free syrup.
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I substituted half water and heavy whipping cream for the sparkling water since I didn't have any. These are amazing and I have made them almost everyday for a week now. Thank you. This is such a simple recipe I can honestly have it thrown together in the same time it would take me to make something from a box. My son ate one and exclaimed it tastes just like the cream puffs I buy him at the store. If he likes it, I know it's a winner. Thank you for sharing.

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Adding another review after making some tweaks. This time I used more ground almond flour I found at the store (looks more like flour). Instead of sparkling water I used milk and cooked the little cakes using butter. The pancakes are delicious!! I used a dinner spoon to scoop the batter and yielded 8 cute little low-carb pancakes! Thank you for the recipe!

Was surprised at how nice these were. I don't use artificial sweeteners or sugar so put oj with the water, thinking next time I will use some vanilla extract. My mind is already working out what I can put with the mix to make savoury wraps, turmeric, cumin, garlic Yumm