Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

If you are watching your carbs and craving pancakes, here is a breakfast you will like. To obtain almond meal, put some almonds in your food processor and pulse them until they are the consistency of cornmeal. Be careful if you over-pulse, you will obtain almond butter :).

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  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Cook the batter as you would pancakes, be careful not to burn them as you might not get the regular bubbles.
  3. Serve them with sugar-free syrup.
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I'm obsessed with these pancakes . Seriously . I am a recovering carb addict . These pancakes keep my keto diet in check while satisfying the craving for pancakes I have ALL THE TIME . I use almond meal flour by Bob's Red Mill so these are very quick to mix and cook. I use almond milk whipping cream or water instead of sparkling water. I have also made them without sweetener Bc the syrup gives enough added sweetness for me . Thank you for this recipe ! I was looking for a pancake alternative and the options out there just weren't good :)

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I like this recipe a lot.. Especially since it worked so well for me in my Belgium waffle iron.

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I LOVE THESE PANCAKES ! I am a reformed carboholic now following ketogenic diet . I tried other low carb pancakes made with cream cheese and coconut flour ... They were gross . These are perfect ! I love the little bit of crunch they have from using almond flour . They are simple and quick to make . Best of all they keep me on track with my plan . I highly recommend these to anyone looking for pancakes that help them stay low carb but are also delicious !