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10 STARS! This really does taste like rice pudding and even the texture is close! Now I can have my favorite comfort food dessert more often! I added a bit of nutmeg with the cinnamon. Very easy to make and even easier to eat! :)

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Outta Here May 07, 2011

For being very low carbs this was yummy! I think I will play around with the ingredients to make it a little more homey for my folks. I will add a small amount of cooked rice. I also used erythritol which is a no carb/no calorie sweetener and some sugar to offset the cooling effect of the sweetener. We aren't fans of Splenda. I'll keep tweaking it to make it perfect for us. It will raise the carb levels a little, but I'll pair it with lower carb food to stay in line. Thanks for sharing this great and creative recipe!

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Kiko March 21, 2013
Low Carb Nearly Rice Pudding