Low Carb Mock French Toast

Total Time
8 mins
7 mins

This is an awesome low carb alternative to regular french toast. Even though it is made with pork rinds, NO ONE would ever know. Even if you yourself don't like pork rinds just give this a try. The consistency is so much like REAL french toast. I eat this almost every day for breakfast.

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  1. (1) Mix eggs, cream, sweetener and cinnamon.
  2. (2) Crush pork rinds and mix with above mixture.
  3. (3) Allow to soak until it becomes a very thick and goopy batter (3-5 minutes).
  4. (4) Fry pancake style in butter until browned and flip over. Cook until done as you would french toast or pancakes.
  5. Serve with any LC syrup or make your own as follows:.
  6. (1) Cream butter until soft (use as much as you need for syrup). I melt it in the microwave.
  7. (2) Add maple extract and sweetener to taste.
Most Helpful

why would anyone eat this everyday? 600 calories, 45+ grams of fat,crazy sodium and cholesterol. I'm not sure why low carb is a plus on this one.