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I've never used banana extract before, and here it really does a perfect job of eliminating any 'soy' taste! These muffins are very good for being low carb! The end product is a bit 'drier' than regular muffins, however a bit of butter (spray or regular) moistens them nicely. These would also do well with some cinnamon and/or nutmeg depending on someone's taste!

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AKillian24 June 17, 2005

I have the cookbook this one is from and there are several soy flour muffin recipes. This was the first I tried. I'm not sure about the soy flour taste in these. I don't care for it at all. In the follow up book there's a re vamped recipe for the banana muffins with almond meal, as are most of the muffin recipes. I think I prefer those, but I will say this recipe gives a more "bready" texture. Also just a note: in the book he says to use the giant 6 cup muffin pan. I got a dozen normal sized muffins with this one, and make sure you refrigerate these or they don't keep well.

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Queen Roachie October 27, 2013

I have recently been diagnosed as a diabetic and honestly I would not choose these otherwise. However I enjoyed them as they were something that I could eat and still take care of my diabetes. I am going to make another batch and this time use almonds, as I was not really too pleased with the macadamia nuts. I really think this recipe is a keeper and can be tweeked to fit pretty much whatever your looking for. I agree with the butter spray or even some spreadable butter, (that's how I ate mine). Thanks For Posting them!

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Granny Puckett August 07, 2010
Low Carb Macadamia Nut & Mock Banana Muffins