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Oh my! I made these exactly like the recipe - no changes - and they were fantastic! I took them to a ladies' potluck/fellowship night at our church and everyone loved them! Can't believe their guilt free! My husband really loved them too! Thank you soooooo much! We will be making these regularly! P.S. Although they are good with only a little chilling - they seem to taste even better after being chilled longer. If you can, chill for a few hours or overnight. If you can't do longer than 15 minutes, don't worry - they are still delicious!

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sharischeib September 16, 2007

Thank you! It was really nice eatting a dessert that was low carb and more importantly didn't taste low carb. I was really craving the spices and flavors of fall and this recipe really delivered for me. Instead of the recommended pan I used a 8x8 pan for fear that if I didn't the bar would be too thin. It still turned out great. I also added chopped walnuts after frosting as well. I highly recommend allowing this to cool off properly so that it doesn't taste overly like splenda. Just like spaghetti..this recipe kept getting better and better each day it sat in the fridge..which really wasn't long at all by the time we ended up finishing it off.
Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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Johnsdeere September 13, 2010

These are REALLY good. I was pleasantly surprised - especially the next day after the bars cooled overnight. Yum! Thanks so much for sharing. When factoring in the almond flour, a serving of 15 yielded 163 calories and 9 carbs each (according to MyFitnessPal recipe calculator. Thanks again!

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KristytheDAWN June 18, 2013

My family loved this. We have been on a sugar-free, grain-free diet for a couple of months now and this recipe is a new favorite. I did not have pumpkin on hand, so used sweet potato puree and it was delicious. My nine-year-old suggested we try it with apple sauce next time; which sounds yummy, as well. For sweetener, I used 1/2 stevia and 1/2 xylitol and I used coconut oil. I love that it tastes like a dessert, but is healthy enough for my daughter to eat for breakfast. She preferred it without the cream cheese icing, but the rest of us liked the icing with some pecans on top. Thank you so much for posting.

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Andiidee March 20, 2013

This was really very good. I was a bit surprised by the comment about it not being "cakey" enough. Most bars, low or high carb, aren't like cake. Also, based on ingredient list, there is nothing that would make them cake-like.

For those who are unhappy with Splenda aftertaste, try combining Splenda with another artificial sweetener (stevia, xylitol, erithritol). The action of combining two or more sweeteners tends to reduce the chemical taste (or bitterness, or "cooling"--depending on the particular sweetener).

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DocTony November 04, 2012

I don't know what I did wrong, but these didn't have a crumbly cake-like consistency I was hoping for. More like pumpkin pie filling. It also had a very strong artificial sweetener taste. Unless someone knows what I may have done wrong, I will keep looking.

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bethany66 October 22, 2012

Wow - these are great. The only change I made was to replace the oil in the bars with a applesauce. I thought they would be moist enough and I didnt need the extra fat cals. I also added cinnamon to the frosting. I can't say enough about these. I was looking for something for the holidays, but I know I will make these all year long because I love pumpkin!! I imagine these would be tasty using sweet potato or butternut squash....something to try.

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MariaBCO December 23, 2010

love this!

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chef spicey September 13, 2007
Low Carb Frosted Pumpkin Bars