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they came out lovely. Just as pictured. I had hoped for a slightly softer product though so I took a square plastic container and covered them while they cooled and this helped tons. Rather than use them as buns, I cut them only about halfway through and then used the knife to sort of make a little pocket that I stuffed with curried venison heart and some fat free yogurt sauce I made with cucumber, mint and a bit of garlic no salt from Kroger. It was delish'. I am thinking next time using a bit more ricotta or maybe low fat or fat free cream cheese and a couple of tablespoons of grated Parmesan. Making little pockets, I can stuff them with virtually anything. Tuna salad, chicken salad, sloppy joe meat, whatever. This is going to be one of my favorite low carb recipes. I can already tell. Oh and I only made 4 with the batch so they were a little bigger round than the original recipe. I just transcribed it into myfitnesspal.com as 4 servings so I could log it properly. :) Just as an update, if possible, make them up a day ahead and put them in a plastic bag over night. they are absolutely perfect now. I am also going to use this recipe to make toppings for some venison stew to make them sort of like pot pies. Be really creative and just give everything a try. :)

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Lisa R. July 15, 2015

THANK YOU for this recipe. Very easy prep and simple ingredients that don't require an extra trip to Trader Joe's for replacement flours. I've made these twice now and they came out perfect both times. Perfect size, soft and fluffy in the middle, and I really couldn't detect a noticeable egg taste. Love this recipe!!!

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cydonia31 June 04, 2015

This recipe definitely works as written. My "bread" looked lovely, just like in the photos. However, I just couldn't get past the flavour or texture of it, therefore, I have rated it without stars. DH and I have been doing the SB diet for about 1 1/2yrs so I just had to try it. Please know that there is nothing wrong with this recipe, I just don't care for the taste. I am glad that I made it and thank you for posting it as others have enjoyed it.

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mums the word January 18, 2014

Where has this recipe been all my life!! I made this and used for game day as a bun substitute for sliders- The texture and color are spot on, holds up perfectly for a juicy burger. My husband couldn't even tell the difference between a regular bun. Actually liked it better! Couple of points here- 1) I cooked it on higher rack in over (not middle) for 50 minuets and were perfect! 2) each bun is actually a top OR bottom- it takes two buns for a burger 3) I spooned the six piles for buns about the same size as a bun in circumference and they don't spread much while baking, however I don't know if the person who stated they were too small were able to mound them higher or they make HUGE burgers, but mine turned out packaged bun size and thin- you can not slice them, just use one on top, one on bottom (based on the previous review, I made sliders, then had to half each bun, which worked great). I don't think I'll ever eat another type of bun again! Even my husband agreed! Now I just need to figure out a way to make it folded for a hotdog bun! PS- I suck at baking so ANYONE can make these, they are so easy and truly fabulous! Thanks for the recipe!

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jenpyre_7893114 January 13, 2014

They smelled sooo good in the oven! I really liked them - not as much flavour as normal buns, but that was expected...crisp on the outside and really pleasantly soft on the inside, which tasted kind of like white bread. I suggest making 4 or 5 instead of 6, because the buns turn out to be a bit too small for a hamburger patty. They do, however, slice really well!

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grab29 March 15, 2011
Low Carb Egg Buns