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Just got back from NM where I purchased some fresh roasted Hatch chilies so used these. Followed the recipe to the T except I added some shredded chicken and then some black pepper to the egg/cream mixture. Also deseeded the chili but thought that was normal. Easy and delicious!

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Cindy G. September 05, 2014

While the flavor was fine, the instructions never said to seed the peppers. I should have trusted my gut but I've never worked with chilies before so I didn't do that. Be sure to because no one ate the upper parts where all the seeds are. The skins also made it difficult to eat. Next time I will fire roast them first until the skin blisters by broiling for 8-10 minutes on either side then let cool in a sealed pot or plastic bag or 20 mins. The steam will ensure the skins come off easily. Finally, I am going to try reducing the egg a bit to get more of a cream sauce. They came out of the oven sitting in a very creamy scrambled egg kind of thing, which while tasty, wasn't easy to serve with the chilies.<br/><br/>The recipe is a good start, but deseed and deskin the peppers and they are much, much easier to eat.

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niles.plante_7260145 July 25, 2014
Low Carb Chile Rellenos, Flourless