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My low carb honey and guests LOVED this. I used frozen broccoli and squeezed the water out of it so that it wouldn't make the whole dish water-logged. I cut down on the chicken stock, too, for the same reason. I doubled the bacon. I left it covered for the duration of the cooking time. Next time I might add in some sauteed onions. Faleminderit SHUME (thanks a lot!).

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KWB March 16, 2009

Sorry.....but this recipe basically bombed for me and I've been a low carb cook for several decades. In my opinion, these are the reasons it was a flop: 1. need to precook the broccoli. So, after I spent quite a bit of time making this, once it was in everyone's bowl (three men & myself) they all noticed right away the broccoli was hard as a brick. I then had to fish out all the broccoli and put it in the microwave.....this caused the chicken to become overcooked and kind of hard. 2. This dish needs more veggies (so next time I try it, I'll add garlic, onions, mushrooms & perhaps some celery 3. It was very runny.....more like a soup so I wouldn't call this a casserole....so a thickening agent is needed. 4. Though the sauce wasn't bad, to me it was very bland so we ended up adding Frank's Red Hot sauce...so I was kind of "Buffalo Chicken Soup." 6. Putting the bacon and chicken in the refrigerator was totally unnecessary and a waste of time. 7. I'd add another cheese next time with the provolone because I think this was the reason it tasted bland. 8. You don't need to cook the chicken until it's no longer pink since it's going in the microwave for 30 minutes. In short, and not to be mean, but this whole "casserole" needs to be reworked.

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Angela W. July 03, 2015

I altered the recipe in the following ways: swiss cheese, added onion and garlic while sauteeing chicken and added asparagus with the broccoli. I can't place what it was, perhaps the vegetables I used, that made this "just okay." I will try again with some different combinations because swiss, bacon and chicken are 3 of my favorite ingredients!

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Tesa June 04, 2015

I really wanted to like this recipe, but it just didn't work for us. The individual ingredients are all favorites of ours, so it should have been a winner, but no. The salty bacon and provolone proved to be too much. Maybe one or the other would have been okay, but not both. Sorry.

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Kathy :-( April 28, 2010

The whole family loved this. I steamed the broccoli before adding it. I doubled the bacon and used a bag of Sargento 6 cheese Italian shredded cheese. Everything else was done exactly as written (even though I was skeptical about 1/4 cup of dijon). We are a family of 4 and there were no leftovers.

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Cyndi M. January 07, 2016

This recipe has a lot of great ingredients. However, it's just kind of "bland". I steamed the broccoli before cooking the dish and added 1/4 lb. of cremini mushrooms, used a 1/2 cup of chicken stock and added a little bit of Jalepenos. When it was done, I drizzled sriracha sauce on top. It ended up a pretty good dish, not amazing, but good and not at all spicy. IMHO, it's the recipe sauce that needs to be re-worked. It would be better with an Alfredo cream sauce, if nothing else. Next time, I will add fresh chopped onions, garlic and use Cheddar cheese instead of provolone. Or, go the Alfredo route.

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agentdan July 19, 2015

We made this tonight. We had no heavy cream made cream with sour cream and plain yogurt. I used turkey bacon. Next time I will double the bacon.

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Skinnyfatb H. May 21, 2015

I made this tonight after googling "chicken bacon low carb" and coming up with this. It was frankly very easy because I had pre-cooked chicken strips. Everyone in the family ***really*** loved it. The changes were pretty minor: I subbed chopped cauliflower for the broccoli, and sauteed it in the leftover bacon drippings before adding to the casserole. I used milk instead of cream, because I didn't have cream on hand--not as low carb but the taste was still excellent. Italian seasoning was a easy sub for the basil and oregano. I would definitely make this again if I had the ingredients on hand.

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Susan W. November 30, 2014

This was delicious. I made almost as written but added onions when frying off the bacon and added garlic powder to the sauce. I used fresh broccoli cut into tiny florets and blanched for a few minutes before adding to the dish. I thought all the different tastes made a tasty full flavored dish and I wouldn't change a thing. I served it with pasta but would prefer rice next time and there will definitely be a next time. Thank you kendiggy for sharing your recipe

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bizzielizzie May 03, 2010
Low-Carb Chicken and Bacon Casserole