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FYI: The nutritional facts for this recipe are incorrect because they did not include the nutritional analysis for the almond flour.

The recipe uses 2 cups (224g) of almond flour

2 cups of Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour contains 1280 calories; 48g protein; 8g sugars; and 24g net carbs

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Dee514 August 14, 2012

Great texture and flavor. Made these twice. (Personal preference, I skipped the almond extract the second time as it was a bit much.) I used the vanilla instead. Topped the cookies with a sprinkle of toasted coconut, which made them so interesting, and brought out a great new taste....as far as Lo carb goes, these are the best cookies I have found! BTW, best price on almond meal is at Trader Joes! Thanks for posting!!!!!

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The Jelly Room February 06, 2011

Ok I have never left a review before for a recipe, I just couldn't resist. I hate when people change recipes and give advice but due to lack of an ingredient I had to. I just made these and I am eating as I type, I have made so many low carb recipes and was never crazy about any of them. This cookie is seriously a party in my mouth, I used the Brown Sugar Splenda blend since I didn't have the white, and I actually used Anise extract with the Vanilla instead of almond. I just can't tell you how delicious these are...crispy on the edge, soft and moist in the middle. They were cooked much faster then the times listed so just watch for the edges to be golden. I personally think the brown sugar blend gave it the delicious non Splenda tasting taste. I just had to share...definitely recommend this one :)

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Jennifer L. March 17, 2014

I made these last week but only had a 1 1/2 cups of Almond Flour so I substituted the rest with Flax Meal. Turned out wonderful! Making it again right now with all Almond Flour and it's even better. Thanks so much. An wonderful low carb treat!<br/><br/>Edited to add: I was completely wrong about these as my original post was after merely having tasted the batter. This review is after having let them cool and then tasting the finished product. Eating these is like going to your favorite Chinese restaurant and getting freshly made-from-scratch Almond cookies that are still hot from the oven. In the ten years I've done low carb off and on, in all that time of trying different desserts and being disappointed or even pleasantly surprised, this is far and away the best low carb dessert I have EVER had. Justcallmetoni, you're my low carb hero. Thank you so very much.

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PluckyInKY December 06, 2013

Delicious - a real treat if you're watching your carbs (or even if you're not!). I made with Splenda granulated rather than Splenda/sugar blend, and also used I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. As another reviewer said, they are shortbread-like. If you like Pecan Sandies, you'll love these. Plus, they're really easy to throw together. Thanks for a great recipe.

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McBeth2346 December 05, 2009

Love these so much ! Thank you. I am not a baker. I made these and they came out perfect. On a low carb diet and this took the edge off tonight when I was craving sweets.<br/>Appreciate your recipe so much. I substituted stevia for the Splenda and they still were very good.... Thanks !

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Kelly S. January 08, 2014

This is REALLY good. This is a keeper. I don't understand the parenthetical statement about the butter...replace the 2 T. with 1 T of what? Anyway, I found the texture, taste, everything was great. wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for posting!

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Tami Defenderfer September 16, 2013

I made this with almond meal and rolled them in cinnamon/Splenda (the baking blend) before baking. OMG! So yummy :)

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cjr721 January 20, 2013

I used just a little of the Splenda brown sugar blend...maybe 1 tbl., along with the regular Splenda to meaure the 1/2 cup. I didn't use that much of the butter, maybe 3/4 of a stick. The cookies turned out very good, even a little chewy. I also had my oven at 350 for about 8 min. A great low carb treat!

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Hazeleyes July 20, 2012

Delicious! These have a slightly crumbly texture, but chewy at the same time, so long as you don't overbake them. They are sweet and nutty, and the almond flavor is scrumptious! I used Splenda sugar substitute instead of the baking blend. Of all of the low carb sweets I have tried, these taste the most like a normal baked good.

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Daniel'sWife June 18, 2007
Low Carb Almond Cookies