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Whats not to love? Very important to use the plastic wrap to line the cups! But with a little help they came out anyway. I used baby muffin cups and this made 12 little rounds. They were perfect for a Shabbat lunch and would be great for a party appetizer at this size...Everyone loved them so good...no tabasco for us tho and no parsley...

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Ilysse January 18, 2009

Yes, outstanding! We used the smallest tweaks -- a bit of seasoned salt in the cream cheese, used more capers (chopped), spring onions and parsley. Quantities were increased to make 6 molds -- we served it as part of a cold dinner. It was followed by a lovely salad also found on Zaar, and a fairly rich dessert. This is a great recipe, Perfectionist Cook! Thank you.

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Dishwasher September 25, 2007

This is amazing! We had some friends over for a movie and I made this early in the morning before going to work. If you have everything lined up this is so quick and easy to do. I actually used a mini-muffin tin so these would be bite-sized and each to just pop in to your mouth and enjoy the flavor. I actually cut the salmon long on purpose so when I filled the molds with the cheese mixture I then folded over the salmon on top to make little parcels. I used a local hot sauce. I love the flavors bursting from these babies, the lemon, the capers, the tiny little bite of hot sauce! Everyone was so impressed, and these were devoured in moments! The amount called for in the recipe actually made a lucky 13 mini-bites, I should have quadrupled the recipe based on everyone's reaction. Thanks for such a winner! Pity I can give only 5 stars, this deserves at least 50!

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Mirj August 14, 2007

My picky daughters even loved this recipe, to my surpise. They are not fish eaters, but this one will be eaten. I did change the quantities. I couldn't quite figure out the gram to lbs. conversion while at the market. So I got one fillet of salmon and realized when I got home that it was about 400g. As a result of this, I doubled the recipe and it worked great.

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shysavsianna October 25, 2007
Lovely Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Entree.