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These were very good! I didn't have a problem rolling them into balls like some of the other reviewers did. Probably because when I saw that the dough was a little sticky I went ahead and added a few more spoonfuls of flour to it. That made it a perfect consistency to roll into balls. Baked for 7-8 minutes and they came out nicely raised and very soft. Nice looking and tasting cookies all around! May add a little more lime next time as my husband said he could barely taste the lime.

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AprilShowers November 07, 2007

These were awesome! I added the zest of 2 limes because any time I work with a citrus fruit I feel wasteful if I don't also use the zest, lol! The powdered sugar on top really made them kind of melt in your mouth!

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anonymous December 16, 2010

I really liked these! To boost the lime flavor, I added two packets of True Lime to the cookie dough. I didn't bother trying to roll them, so I didn't have any issue with the softness of the dough (I was on a baking frenzy today, so I just scooped them with a cookie scoop because it's faster for me). I also mixed a packet of True Lime into the powdered sugar for the topping, so they kind of reminded me of those Sunshine Lemon Cooler cookies (but lime, of course) -- sweet with a bit of tang to them. I really liked how soft they stayed after cooling, too. Thanks for posting! :) Made for PAC Spring 08

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Muffin Goddess May 04, 2008

Thought I'd try making these for Christmas. Taste wise, they were lovely, light and the lime flavour came through perfectly. But for the life of me....I must ask, how in the world did you manage to roll the dough into 1" balls???? I even set the dough in the freezer hoping that the consistency would harden up a bit to enable me to actually make little balls - but alas that didn't work so I ended up with drop cookies instead. A bit disappointed in their appearance but at least they have a nice texture and taste.

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Nova Scotia Cook December 08, 2006

Yummmmmmmy!!! I made them with lime juice from a bottle and used golden syrup instead of light corn syrup as I couldn't find any here, they came out lovely as the title says, soft and fluffy with a nice lime flavour we liked it that way not too overpowering and not too sweet, my kids gave it 6 out of 5!!!! so we will be making them again. The one thing I didn't do was roll into balls, the mix looked too gooey for me to do that so I just popped spoonfuls on to the baking sheet and they were fine. Thanks Imrendil they were lovely and I hope you like the photos!!

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Aussie mum 2_2 October 28, 2006

Wonderful! The cookies come up like beautiful little pillows of sweetness. They aren't too sweet though. Just perfect! These will be made again and again. Ours took exactly 7 minutes to bake. We tried to make ours in the lemon flavour and we also had the same problem where the lemon flavour didn't come through after baking. That didn't deter us though! We simply put little dents in the tops and added a dollop of icing made from 1/2 a cup of icing sugar and 1-2 tsp of fresh lemon juice. Wonderful cookie! Thanks for posting!

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Saturn February 22, 2006
Lovely Lime Cookies