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I've made these several times and they are GREAT! The entire family loves them. Thanks for posting!

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ala200269 January 18, 2009

Very quick and easy and tasty, although my chips sank to the bottom, too. Use a cherry chip cake mix and choc. chips. Especially nice for when you're in a hurry.

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Chef MB June 16, 2009

These bars tasted quite good but mine were kind of dry and crackly on top. All of the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom which made a sort of chocolate layer - not necessarily a bad thing, they just didn't look like the photo. I would have preferred the choc chips to stay scattered throughout the bar. I used a No Name cake mix so will try this again with a brand name to see if the texture is different. Overall though, we enjoyed it and it could not be easier to do. Thx.

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mums the word May 02, 2008

Wonderfully tasty and wonderfully easy to put together. Today I used just a basic yellow cake mix and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I make so many cookies from cake mixes and this is such a GREAT idea so I can just use one pan and cut into bars. The texture is a lot like a nice chewy brownie but not as dry on the outside crust. Did not have one problem at all - just fabulous to put together! Glad I tagged this in the Zaar Chef ABC's Game Apr08

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HokiesMom April 25, 2008

These are yummy! I used a triple chocolate cake mix and peanut butter chips (with a few butterscotch chips thrown in because I didn't have enough PB chips). It was like a very thick brownie batter and baked up to a chewy, brownie-like bar. I didn't grease the pan very thoroughly and wish I had as they stuck a bit on the bottom of the pan. I also want to try this with chocolate cake & cinnamon chips and spice cake with cinnamon chips and lemon cake with white chocolate chips and... - oh, the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the recipe! :)

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flower7 April 22, 2008
Love'em Bars