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My local grocery store sells very good puff pastry ("President's Choice", for all my fellow Canucks), that doesn't even need rolling out, and a friend brought me "Squeezy Marmite" from England. Makes this the easiest husband-pleasing recipe ever. (DH is very proud any time he can convince a Canadian to love Marmite) Hardest work was grating the cheese. Oh the horror! My local patisserie sells cheese straws for about $2.50 each, and they don't even add Marmite! This recipe is good enough to sell!

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Ginsugirl March 22, 2009

Since I have marmite onhand this was not a problem, although I did make half of them with marmite & the other half with sun-dried tomato paste, & both were equally tasty, especially with the sharp cheddar that I used! Fun to make to to serve, & a joy to eat! Thanks for a great addition to my finger food buffet! [Tagged, made & reviewed as a PRESSIE in the Aus/NZ 12 Days of Christmas Recipe Swap]

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Sydney Mike December 10, 2008

We recently moved to the south and I overheard someone talking about cheese straws. I have never had them so of course I went to Zaar to see what I could find. Came across this recipe and was intrigued with Marmite never heard of that either. Being the adventurous type I had to try it. So off to the internet I went, I found a store that sold it where I live. When my husband tried it he was so taken back because it tasted so much like Vitam-R (a little saltier) which he had while staying with his Omi and Opa in Germany. When I first tasted Marmite I wasn’t sure but there was something about it that keeps me coming back for more. Here are some of my thoughts. Puff pastry in the USA must be a little different than in France. Only two puff pastries per box try folded on top of each other. I ended up dividing the ingredients and treating it like two larger per portions rather than four. I think that this was a mistake I should have gotten another box of pastry. I will do this when I make them for Christmas. What happened is there was too much inside the straws and it was over powering the pastry, also because of this the pastry was having a hard time browning to a light crispy texture. The flavor was a nice combination the aged cheddar and marmite complement each other well but next time I will use a little less marmite, just personal taste. I am still giving it 5 stars because We really liked them. Thank you for a new culinary adventure and bring back an old memory.

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LB in Middle Georgia November 30, 2008
Love It or Hate It - Marmite and Cheese Straws With a Twist!