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Wow, wow, wow!! I cannot believe how tasty this dish is. I had never heard of it before, but made it for the ZWT 3. I had smoked deli turkey that I used, but I didn't have individual baking dishes, so I made them all in one pan and topped them with the bread instead of bracketing them, as that was the only way they would fit. Very rich, very filling, very delicious! I used small sliced portabella mushrooms and the flavour was just outstanding! Thanks for posting a delicious new dish that my whole family enjoyed! :)

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~Leslie~ June 05, 2007

Wow! I just learned about this dish from my dear friend Cheryl last week. Who knew? DH loved this- without mushrooms and onions on his- so EXTRA on mine! The sauce was very yummy. I used some left over smoked turkey breast that we smoked ourselves, sliced and froze. MMMMM I have never seen this made before so I was a little confused as to how to 'bracket' the bread. I hope the pic is ok. Great combo of flavors and a very interesting dish. My bread was burning under the broiler before the sauce browned so I removed it and allowed the sauce to brown, then replaced it. That has me thinking that I had it positioned wrong. The only other difference I made was to use turkey bacon (less fat) instead of pork bacon. It came out nicely. Yummy and easy meal- great for a fast main dish any time! Thanks Lazyme! zwt3

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) June 04, 2007
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