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I've been cooking gumbo for about 25 years, being from the deep south and all. I decided to try a new recipe and this one was different, so I chose it. I gave this one three stars for several reasons. First, the roux was way too much and created a think gumbo. Gumbo was not intended to be thick..that would be creole. I ended up adding twice as much chicken stock as called for in order to thin it out. Second, I used twice as much shrimp as called for since I like to have shrimp in my shrimp gumbo...every bite. Third, although I appreciated the spices, I chose to add in some more. I used Old Bay since the shrimp were not boiled prior to adding them, and boiling shrimp in some type of seasoning is a necessity! With this said, the flavor was good and after we drained some of the roux/chicken liquid, we had a good gumbo. If you like a chicken flavored thick gumbo, this is your dish.

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Bandurasbox October 05, 2014

This was delicious - ya Michael Smith!! Maybe I didn't brown my roux long enough, but I found my gumbo quite thick! My package of shrimp was about double and I had about 50% more sausage. Thanks Boomette - I always wanted to try to make it and I found a winner! Made for ZWT 9

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Cadillacgirl July 24, 2013
Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo