Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

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READY IN: 3hrs 5mins
Recipe by Random Rachel

My husband grew up eating this once a week. This is his Mom's recipe. While they normally had red beans, brown beans prepared this way are also called red beans, and you could really prepare any dried bean with this recipe. They taste better if you cook them in a seasoned iron pot, because I make them the exact same way in my no stick pot and they never taste as good as his Mom's. They are ridiculously easy as long as you keep an eye on the water.

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  1. Soak beans overnight, if desired, and drain.
  2. In an iron pot, cover beans with 2 inches of water. Add chopped onion, pepper, and sausage. Bring to a heavy simmer, and cook for 1-2 hours until tender, periodically checking on them and adding water as needed (they are easy to burn.).
  3. when the beans are about ready, cook rice as you normally would. Season to taste, and serve warm over rice.
  4. Note: If you don't soak the beans, you can simply cook them for an additional hour or two. It is really hard to give a time for cooking this, as it depends on how old the beans are, what kind of beans they are, how long they soaked, and how much of a simmer you have them cooking at. I have prepared un-soaked navy beans in an hour and a half; but I have also had un-soaked kidney beans that took a full 4 hours. You can always start them about 4 hours before you want to eat, and then if they get done sooner just turn the heat off and warm them up again in time to eat.

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