Louisiana Dirty Rice

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 40 mins

My favorite dirty rice recipe straight from "A COOKS TOUR of SHREVEPORT" cookbook.Some of the ingredients are optional and if you prefer you can use white long grain rice in place of the brown,I prefer the brown,though I would not recommend using fragrant rice.This recipe is extremely versatile and can be used as main dish,along with salad and garlic bread,or as a side,or stuffing mixture.I like to season mine up with some additional creole seasoning such as zatarin's but would suggest tasting in between seasoning.ENJOY!

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  1. Boil rice according to package directions.
  2. Drain.
  3. Brown rice has a slightly coarser grain than white.
  4. Chop onions,celery,bell peppers and garlic finely (use blender).
  5. In bacon drippings saute chopped vegetables until the mixture cooks down,about 30 minutes.
  6. Add chopped chicken livers and ground meats and cook until done,then mash.
  7. The mixture looks"dirty" and soupy.
  8. Add remaining seasonings and nuts to taste,and mix with rice.
  9. May be prepared in morning and reheated.
  10. Additional water may be needed.
  11. When adding seasoning use your own judjement,I like mine spicy.


Most Helpful

What I have been looking for! Growing up in south Louisiana, had many Cajun's dirty rice. Since I moved away (very sad) over 25 years ago I could never find quite the right recipe. Talking to friends back home, I would try their recipe, but could never duplicate this flavor because we tend to not measure anything. I could never get it quite right until now! Heaven on a plate. Have made it 6 or 7 times already. Having it tonight with smoked turkey. I make it with white rice, I have never had it with brown. Thank you!

Luv Life February 20, 2012

Excellent recipe but who are you trying to fool? This makes up enuf to feed 10 people,easy, for a main dish, unless you are talking teenage boys. I didn't have any cayenne but I gave it a big ole dose of Zatarin's. Next time I might chip up some smoked sausage in it and maybe a jalapeno for another zing of taste. Danzy

Danzy October 20, 2004

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