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Ooohhh laaa laaa! I used all the lotion like the recipe calls for, but added a 2 ounce bottle of Vitamin E Oil to the mix. I also used 4 oz. of the whipped petroleum jelly that comes in a tube. I did put the petroleum jelly in the microwave for just a few seconds to soften it up to help with mixing. This stuff is fantastic! My sister has very dry skin in the winter and normally it will take 4 to 5 applications of Eucerin before she sees an improvement. She was at my house the day I mixed this up and she took some with her. Next morning she called me to report that with just one application her dry skin was almost gone. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

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kountry_kookin March 31, 2009

Mine turned out so fluffy! I used 1 15-oz. bottle of store brand baby lotion, 2 jars of vitamin e cream and a 3.75 oz. container of vaseline. I found a less messy way to mix this up. I lined a large margarine tub with a gallon size zip top freezer bag, put all the ingredients in the bag, zipped it while trying to get as much air out as possible, then worked it with my hands to mix it up. then just snip (very small snip) a corner and "pipe" the lotion into whatever type container you will be storing this in. Like another reviewer, I also microwaved the vaseline to soften, plus I put the baby lotion upside down in some very hot water to make it easier to get out of the bottle. Hope this helps!

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jp mims November 18, 2006

This is wonderful and such a great value - especially if you buy your ingredients from the Dollar store. I use it every day fresh out of the shower and sometimes mix a little "smelly" lotion with it depending on my mood of the day!

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SCMarilyn December 04, 2009

Between cooking and gardening, I'm always washing my hands. This lotion is great. I also zapped the petroleum jelly, also with vitamin E, and then put everything in my Kitchen Aid and whipped it until it was fluffy. I got more than a large Mason jar from the mixture. Both my Husband and I are using this mixture. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrea in NH August 23, 2009

Love it, kinda been a family use for years lol, little tip for your feet, smother them in this, cover them in plastic wrap and put on your socks, leave it as long as you can stand (I sleep with them on) and then rinse, it really infuses it into hurting feet you will feel so refreshed. Thanks for posting.

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celestial_star03 February 02, 2009

This deserves 25 stars!!!! I itch so much that I tear my skin scratching. I made this recipe on Monday and within TWO days my skin is healing and is soft. I can't even begin to count the number of different lotions and creams that I've tried only to be disappointed in them all. This is truly a miracle for my skin. It lasts all day and the itching has gone away. Babygirl, I can't thank you enough for sharing this formula with the world!

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AgileK9s October 22, 2008

How cool is this? I'm not getting any younger- needless to say.. and am always slathering something on my "active lifestyle and unprotected" hands..and."working" on my feet with a pumice stone and creams.. Looking for the latest and greatest cheap facial cream.. so here I find this "recipe" on my morning saunter on Food.com.. <br/>I think this is subject to what you have and can find...This second version is Shea Butter and cocoa butter Johnson's creamy baby oil (tan tube)...Vaseline deep moisture creamy petroleum jelly... whatever skin lotion I have to use up.. and a bit of Safflower oil...(have on hand as a good facial oil)....I plopped in all in a screw top container and mixed it with a knife... Somehow to me it smells like bourbon... but only in the container.. not on me.. I have been using it for over a week and if anyone was to shake hands with me.. they wouldn't recognize me!!!

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'nora January 03, 2014

I made it with the knock-off shea and cocoa butter baby lotion and it smells great. I like the addition of vaseline, by itself it would clog my pores. I took another reviewers suggestion and squished it in a bag, it worked but there was chunks, so next time in the blender it will go. Thank you!

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drinkmore December 21, 2013

Love this lotion! I have made it with creamy petroleum jelly and it changes the consistancy a little bit but it is still a great lotion. Gave as Christmas presents 2011 and people still talking about it Christmas 2012. Great stuff!!!

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vedermae September 30, 2013
Lotion for Dry Skin