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I know some of you might be afraid to try this because of the chocolate but don't be afraid. Chocolate makes a wonderful savory dish and goes great with pork. This was quite wonderful and made a great Valentines dish for my wife and I. The poblano goes great with chocolate and the nut's used were perfect. I had tons of left-over sauce though. But thanks for that because I used it to make enchilades the next day. It wasn't too difficult to make. There were a lot of dirty dishes though but it was well worth it. Oh, thanks for the recipe for Emeril's essence. I've always wondered what was in that stuff. Thanks for the great recipe! I wish that more people would discover the beauty of using chocolate in the meals. It's hard to find a lot of good recipes out there.

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DalekChef March 17, 2007
Lori's Chocolate and Nut Crusted Pork