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I liked this turnover. The crust is just too dry for me to say I love it. I had a really difficult time getting it to keep it's shape when moving from the rolling sheet to the baking tray. It is very easy to make and with a crust improvement here and there, it promises to be 5 stars - at least in my book. Thanks for posting. Made for the I Recommend Tag Game.

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Color Guard Mom November 24, 2008

The turnovers were pretty good. The crust was just a bit difficult to work with (too crumbly, didn't roll easily), but not enough to scrap the recipe altogether. The recipe states 1/2 cinnamon---is that 1/2 tablespoon or 1/2 teaspoon...or what? I just guessed and used 1/2 teaspoon, and I didn't detect any cinnamon flavor in the pastry shell. Maybe next time I'll try 1/2 tablespoon and see if that kicks up the cinnamon flavoring. Other than that, I think I would make this again if I can figure out the cinnamon and crumbly pastry issues. This would be a great treat for a lady's tea, a brunch or just as a replacement for the usual sugary doughnuts.

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NorthwestGal September 17, 2008

Was a good apple treat. The dough was really hard to work with, Very crumbly and dry. I just couldn't seem to get it to act like "dough" I guess you could say. took about 18 minutes to cook, but my family said it tasted great.

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anme November 29, 2006

Mmm This recipe I made with Pear filling, but the crust was fantastic. It has a healthy nutty taste excellent texture, rolls out well, and cooks in a timely manner. This is great for fast cooking filling. My husband knows I like to cook from a bunch of different recipes, and if it's good he asks where it came from. Yep, it's a definate keeper! I filled mine with a lot of pear filling from a mixutre of a ripe pear, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg & 1/3 the recipe for 2.

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Pillsbury Dough Girl January 07, 2006
Loretta Lynn's Apple Turnovers