Lolly's Mandarin Shredded Pork and Sweet Bean Sauce

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by Lalaloob

Dee-licious, great presentation, and a repeat dish. You can subsitute pork with chicken and it works nicely.

Top Review by Chef Tweaker

I liked the sauce but the meat was too salty for me. I DID marinate it overnight which might be the reason. Also I didn't deep-fry the meat because all that oil makes me shudder. I tried stirfrying it in only a small amount of oil but the meat never crisped so I suppose it wasn't a true representation of the dish.

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  1. Slice pork into 3" x 1/4" shreds.
  2. Combine marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Add pork shreds, mix well.
  3. Let stand 30 minutes.
  4. Combine ingredients for Sweet Bean Sauce in another bowl; set aside.
  5. Arrange green onion shreds in a layer on a platter.
  6. Heat oil in a wok over medium heat.
  7. Carefully lower pork shreds into hot oil with a slotted metal spoon.
  8. Stir-fry for about 2 minutes until pork shreds are no longer pink.
  9. Remove pork from oil with slotted spoon, draining well over wok, set aside.
  10. Remove oil from wok except 3 tablespoons.
  11. Add Sweet Bean Sauce to oil. Stir-fry until sauce thickens slightly.
  12. Add cooked pork mixing well.
  13. Place pork and Sweet Bean Sauce on top of green onions.
  14. Serve immediately.
  15. *Shredding: is similar to julienne technique. Cut the food into long strips about 2 inches wide and then chop it into matchsticks.

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