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These were quite tasty and sooo easy to make. We used Devils Food cake mix, as that was what I had on hand. I ended up with 18 cookies, but they still worked fine. The perfect cooking project for kids. With so few steps, the kids didn't get bored. The dough was a bit tough for them to stir, but the kids loved putting the sticks into the cookies, and they loved decorating them even more! It was almost as much fun as eating them. My picky 3 year old who doesn't like his hands messy especially enjoyed eating the cookie holding on to the stick. I agree with Saturn that these would make a great birthday party activity/treat. Thanks bugsbunnyfan for a treat my kids will ask for again and again.

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helowy January 29, 2007

GREAT!! My kids had a blast making these! They do spread a little bit so keep that in mind. I think these will be good to do at the next birthday party! Thanks for posting!

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Saturn November 25, 2006
Lollipop Cookies