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Absolutely excellent, a South American comfort soup more than palatable to the North American palate (including kids). Potatoes and cheese, how more comforting can this get? I was pleased to have been able to find achiote seeds (aka annato seeds) and recommend not omitting it from this recipe. It makes for a lovely color, imparts a mildly hot/smokey taste to the dish and I'm looking forward to finding other recipes that also use it. I used a bit more than half teaspoon seeds, halved the entire recipe and used low-fat milk and low-fat monterey jack cheese. My BF wholeheartedly agreed with my asssessment. I didn't add rice, as using a whole egg on half the recipe made it thick enough. Oh, I boiled a bit longer because I get paranoid about eggs that are not cooked long enough. Loved this! Looking forward to finishing this for lunch tomorrow and to making this again. Thanks! P.S. I used vegetable broth because we are vegetarians:D

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Kumquat the Cat's friend October 20, 2008
Locro - South American Potato Soup