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I followed this exactly, and since being from Maryland, we have our own way of making our "Cream of Crab" I sincerely understood that is important to let this dish stand on it's own just with the ingredients in the recipe, and most especially the lobster. (Although for the photo I added some diced green onions) I got a lobster yesterday, a good price in fact, came home and steamed it. Since my DH will completely pull apart and devour a whole lobster, I let him at it to take every little part and knuckle off, and putting aside the meat I would use for the stew the next day. I used all parts, including the little legs, the claw, of course the tail, and parts around the stomach area. There was a bit of juice that I added in to the stew to bring the salt taste of the sea in as well. I did make this to two servings and the amounts change appropriately. It is thusly very important for the use of butter, and the cream, as it makes it so smooth and absolutely delicious. This really is a patient dish, and although not duely hard to put together, just let it heat slowly never, ever letting it boil. Kim a true recipe that is really, really wonderful, and such a pleasure to devour! Thanks so much! Made for *Please Review My Recipe* Fall 2008

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 28, 2008
Lobster Stew