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If you're looking for an amazing full flavored crab/lobster stew, look no further. Tasted great, but the flavor was pretty overwhelming. To bring it back to more of a soup-esque style, I suggest:

Reducing amount of sherry to 1/3 cup
In addition to the cream, add a cup of regular milk (I used skim)
Add a tablespoon of tomato paste (good call Chef #1105875) for that nice pink color

Definitely a show stopper. Nice.

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jtstaker October 09, 2010

Creamy and delicious, a nice ratio of elements. The next time I make this, (which will probably be soon!) I would change a few bits. I'd substitute the cayenne with black pepper. I'd throw in just a pinch of the cayenne. I'd add garlic, and a little tomato paste like one of the other reviewers suggested. (great idea!)

All in all, very nice. We had this with a sourdough loaf and it was so delicious, I was bummed to see my bowl empty so fast!

I used a 1/2 pound of dungeness crab. I omitted the sherry. Added an extra tbsp butter.

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pomesquad December 23, 2011

This is a fantastic recipe! I do recommend using actual sherry instead of cooking sherry though, and add it before you simmer 30 minutes.

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shelly.johnson July 03, 2011

I made this for my mother in law for Mothers Day and it was fantastic! Easy to make and very rich! We added Garlic and Cheese croutons and it just gave it an extra kick!

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Zombri May 10, 2010

Very nice recipe. Definitely everything I would expect of a lobster bisque. The only change I made was to puree all the ingredients to make it a cream soup. I ended up adding a little more cream, sherry, chicken stock and lemon juice, just because I had it on the burner while making other things and it dried out a bit. Tasty, will make again.

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SarahCKS March 07, 2010

I made this for dinner tonight. I followed the recipe except for the heavy cream as I only had 1/2 'n 1/2 and I used one pound of lump crabmeat. It was absolutely delicious! My husband raved on how good it was. I will definitely make it again. It was accompanied by cheese and herb biscuits that my husband made. YUM!

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Debbier24091 January 21, 2010

I added a couple heaping tablespoons of tomato paste and i blended all the ingredients (including 1/2 the crab) in the food processor for a few minutes prior to adding the cream, sherry (which i used red wine) and the rest of the crab and serving. I also doubled the amount of heavy cream in stirred in, and eliminated the worchestershire sauce. Yum Yum. Highly recommended. Play with it for flavor.

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softspirits March 12, 2011

Good as written, but (on the advice of others) I tweaked it a bit: - A bit more cayenne pepper than called for - A squeeze of double-concentrated tomato paste - A bit of red wine - Low sodium chicken broth (personal preference - I find the regular too salty in general) Play around with it - there's certainly room for flexibility in this recipe! I made this version with lobster, but next time I'll try it with crab.

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lmb May 25, 2016

Great flavor! To make any bisque gluten free thicken with corn starch after all ingredients are incorporated instead of using flour; also saves time from constant turning of roux and possibly burning it. In separate bowl dissolve 1/4 cup corn starch with 1/3 cup of cold water until completely dissolved and there is no lump, add more cold water if needed. While broth is boiling slowly pour corn starch and stir at same time so that no lump will appear. Keep stirring until broth thickens. Adjust desired thickness with more or less corn starch. It will continue to thicken a little more when bisque cools down. To prevent dilution of flavor use cold broth or room temperature sherry to dissolve corn starch or simply adjust salt to taste. I cook via eyeballing ingredients and taste versus exact measurements. This recipe was a great hit with my entire family.

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Mimi E. April 16, 2016

This was a great recipe! I did add a Tbs of tomato paste and 1 cup of milk--and would definitely add all of the sherry. Thank you for a great use of leftover crab!

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Dwynnie March 31, 2016
Lobster or Crab Bisque