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Originally rated on 9/25/09. Four stars instead of five because it was posted without testing. Recipe was a very nice starting point. The cheese was not nearly enough. I added almost three tablespoons of flour and boiled for a couple of minutes to activate the thickening properties of the flour. Then I added the stock and cream. I reduced the stock/cream mixture until I had just under 2 cups of liquid. I added all the cheese called for and the mixture was thin and runny. By this time the 3 tablespoons of flour had already done all the could for thickening. I shredded the remaining 2 oz. of Fontina cheese from my brick and added that. Still thin but not quite as runny. Fortunately I had a container of shredded Gruyere in the fridge. I added about 4 oz. of that before the sauce came together and resembled a cheese sauce. Used a total of 12 oz. of cheese. This works very nicely with gemelli so the small pieces of crab can get evenly distributed and caught in the twists. With shells I think some pieces may end up with crab inside and some pieces would be without. I'll be making this again but with 3 tablespoons of flour and 12 oz. of cheese. UPDATED 6/26/09 Made this again today. The last time my grocery store had live lobsters on sale for $5.99/lb I ordered four of them and had them steamed there. I brought them home and shelled them. The meat went into a zip top bag and the shells into another bag then into the freezer. Today I took out the meat to defrost (in the bag) in a bowl of cold water while I started cooking. Tossed the lobster shells in the pan with the other stock making ingredients and cooked from there. I found this to be a tremendous time-saver. The first time I made this it was a long very time-consuming process from beginning to end. Doing the lobster ahead of time will be something I continue.

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Ciocia DD June 24, 2009

Is very good

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snaggletooth377 August 21, 2007
Lobster Macaroni and Cheese