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This is a great recipe and with a couple changes its even better. A lobster bisque is traditionally smooth and creamy. This recipe even when finely chopped is not. To change this (before adding the lobster pieces) we used a plunge blender and pureed the batch then put thru a course strainer giving a smooth creamy delicious bisque.

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tommy53562 October 10, 2011

Absolutely Delicious!!! I love this recipe! I made this on a Thursday and my husband and I enjoyed it so much we made it again two days later for my cousin and her fiancee. They loved it too. My cousin even said it was the best Lobster Bisque she has ever had. It was very quick and easy to make. I followed the recipe to the letter the first time I made it. The second time around I added five more garlic cloves because we are garlic fiends and at my husbands request I substituted the Tabasco for Frank's Red Hot (because it's what he prefers). It was super tasty both ways. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

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West Coast Girl January 04, 2010

I wanted something special for my Christmas seafood extravaganza and this sounded great. I can't eat dairy so had to rely on "testers" who had bisque experience prior to serving the recipe. Two out of four thought there was too much tomato paste in the recipe so I dropped that to 2 oz. and added 1/4 cup more hot water. For my test recipe I bought an 8 oz. package of man made lobster chunks. It is made from pollock. The first tester commented that the 'lobster' was wonderfully tender with no tough bits. The other three testers never noticed that it was not real lobster either. That alone makes this recipe extra easy to do. I had freshly cracked crab left over from my crab sutffed portobello mushrooms so added that to real fresh lobster I used in the final bisque. Dinner guests raved about the bisque. Oh, used Louisiana hot sauce because I did not have tabasco and as one of the other reviewers suggested ran the mixture (prior to adding the cream/butter) thru the blender to make it creamier. I plan to make the recipe thru step 10 and freeze it for later use. Thanks for posting this recipe

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Pebedapooch December 28, 2011

This is quick and easy, but the important part is that it tastes AWESOME! I will certainly make it again and again. What a treat and so easy! I did substitute chicken bouillon for the lobster base. I couldn't see buying that for one recipe. I may invest in it in the future since I'll be making this again, but just want everyone to know that it was still awesome with the chicken base. Enjoy it!

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Barbecary March 24, 2012

First of all, my husband doesn't like dry sherry, so I used brandy instead. I also used 1 whole shallot and instead of green onions I used 1 leek. I made a soup the other day where the thyme overpowered the flavor, so I reduced the thyme to 1/4 teaspoon. The soup was good, but required salt and pepper to taste. When I make it again (which will be today!), I will OMIT the lobster (I had frozen) which disappointing, and I will also reduce the amount of tomato paste (by half), which I felt was overpowering.

The base of this soup was good, and it was quite easy to make. And best of all, with my revisions, all the ingredients are things I always have on hand, so I can make this anytime! YUMMY!

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Yourwebness May 29, 2011

This was AMAZING!! My first attempt of making lobster bisque, and it turned out delicious!! I did much rearch to find the perfect recipe for a dinner party. I was nervous, as it was my first try at it. This recipe was so great, easy to follow, and it turned out delicious. After adding the cream, I added extra lobster boulion to give it extra flavor. You have to taste test it before you add the lobster to make sure you have the perfect base. I added extra lobster meat and it was pefect! I was concerned with the 1 star review, however any good chef tastes their recipe and adds an extra flair, before leaving the kitchen. This was a 5 STAR recipe!! I got many compliments and will make this a staple to our future family dinner parties, as it is wonderful. Thank you for posting it!

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KeysDiva November 03, 2010

Based on the reviews I read here, I expected to love this soup! I was even going to make it for company without trying it first. Unfortunately, my review is going to be way different than most of the people here. I made this recipe last night, substituting 2 cups of half and half for the heavy cream and 2 Tbs. butter instead of four. Also, I don't like thyme and I only used a half teaspoon vs. a tsp. and even that was too much. The bisques I have had have been very thick; this soup was thicker than a broth but still too thin for a bisque. The shrimp that I used sunk to the bottom and was not suspended in the soup like it should have been with a bisque. I didn't think the flavor was anything to prompt these reviews. I would not make this soup again unless to experiment with changing it to what I think it should be. Sorry.

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jnmrayo March 09, 2016

Lovely, rich flavor! I used a combination of crab and lobster leftover from out Christmas Eve dinner. I also used half-and-half (that's what we had in the fridge). It was sooo rich and delicious I cannot even imagine how much richer it would be with heavy cream. Thanks HeidiSue - this recipe will become part of our Christmas holiday tradition - we'll plan leftovers just to enjoy this soup :)

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Acerast December 27, 2012

Made this recipe for the first time when my kids were coming for dinner. It got rave reviews. As per some of the suggestions, i increased the lobster base quite a bit, since i made 4 times the recipe. i did get bread bowls and my family loved the bisque being served in them. thanks for the recipe.

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shushiep_10352509 March 14, 2011

FANTASTIC! Easy to make too. I had to sub seafood base with seafood base and I did add 2 extra garlic cloves. Excellent flavor!

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Lynatsea March 07, 2011
Lobster Bisque