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When I bit into this hearty vegetarian stew I knew what the Buddhist monks must have felt. Pure bliss and good for your body sensation. Because most of the taste is coming from the vegetables and mushrooms without the addition of ginger and garlic, the taste of this stew is light. This vegetarian stew should appeal to those who shun spiciness or heat. I was very curious to see how this stew worked without much seasoning and I'm really glad I tried it. Thank you for posting this recipe! Made for Asian forum's unrated Asian recipe tag.

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Rinshinomori August 07, 2009

I loved this. It is amazing that so little seasoning is required, and I loved the fact that there was no need for the ususal suspects: garlic, onion, and ginger. This is all about the vegetables, and the few seasonings (soy sauce & sesame oil) come across stronger. Those on a diet can think of this as a night off restrictions, since there is so little real fat--there is oil, which is fat, but per serving, that comes up low. Put whatever you have in your frig--I added broccoli and cauliflower. Tiger lillies do add something, if you have them. A great cleanser.

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bowedbookshelf February 17, 2011
Lo Han Jai - Buddhist Vegetarian Stew