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This tastes so much better than it looks! While I was taking the photos I thought "Hmmm....better just gulp it down, no sipping on this one!" But really, it tasted very good! One thing to note is that the juices separate if you leave your glass sitting too long, so drink it up right away, or else give it a stir. I added an extra lemon, just because I love lemon. Thanks for a great cleanse drink!

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~Leslie~ April 06, 2006

I have to admit, I was expecting this to taste awful. I thought worst case I'll have to add sugar. I've never eaten a beetroot or dandelion in my life. I made a slight modification to this recipe, I did not have any lemon on hand, so I juiced half a lime (unpeeled.) All I can say is WOW! This juice is delicious. Even my skeptical husband enjoyed a glass. A helpful tip, when juicing these ingredients; juice the beet and dandelion in between the more water packed apples and carrots. I did the beetroot at the end, and since it is very fibrous, did not push through much beet juice. I would juice in this order to get the most optimal juice, first apple, dandelions, second apple, beetroot, carrots and then your lemon. Looking forward to making this juice recipe again.

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dschuman69 January 05, 2013

This is just wonderful! The beets really add a lot. I love my juicer, and I love the apples, carrots and beets. If the lemon is too tart for forsome tastes, leave it out, or add a bit of sugar, Splenda or honey But try it first WITH the lemon and without sweetner.

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Countrywife April 10, 2007
Liver Cleansing Juice Drink