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Every dog that has tried this LOVES them. My youngest Bichon goes crazy while they are baking she lays by the oven and whines for waiting for these brownies to cook. My dogs are allergic to wheat so I use uncooked oatmeal and add an extra egg and it turns out perfect. I am getting ready to make my 4th batch for Christmas puppy present . Thanks for the recipe

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Chef 28806 December 16, 2009

My dog just had his one year birthday and I made this for he, some of his siblings and some of his friends and they all gave it 5 stars. Charlie (my pup) would do absolutely ANYTHING for these. I know some say you should never give your dog garlic as it can be toxic, however, where I live (Germany) they put it in a lot of dog treats as a flea repellent. You should of course talk with your vet first and see if it is ok for your dog. I only put in one clove as the vet was closed today, but I figured since Charlie eats just about anything (ex. cat poop...gross I know) a little garlic wouldn't be too bad. He didn't mind and he kept begging for more. Thank you for this recipe!

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Jentry December 27, 2008
Liver Brownies for Dogs