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Woof!! My dogs loved this stuff! It was easy to make (a little sloppy) and not for the faint of stomach - but if you love your dog(s) like I do, you're up for the challenge. This cuts nicely into squares of your choice, which was great for me as one of my dogs is 4#, one is 9#, and the other is 100#! A great way to use up the liver I had in my freezer - I used pork & lamb. So, Goldragon: Toby, Sindee & Keywee thank you so much for this recipe!

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KeyWee June 17, 2002

I'm guessing Storm would give this 5 stars. I gave her two pieces and she has since laid down on the kitchen floor in front of the counter where the rest of the batch is right now. As in...I'm not moving in case there's more in it for me! I used 1 lb liver and 1 box of Jiffy (that's what I had). From that, I got one jelly roll pan of treats. Thanks for sharing. WARNING: I really like liver, but before it was baked, this was quite possibly the grossest thing I've ever had in my kitchen.

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Amy020 September 26, 2009

Jimmy says thanks! He loves this recipe. He is by my side drooling as soon as I pull out the chicken livers. The smell as they cook drives him crazy! LOL! He knows what's coming. LOL! This recipe makes one large cookie sheet worth of treats at my house. I use Baker's Joy to spray my pan down and I have no trouble removing these from the pan to cool on a rack. My only word of caution is that some pets have severe corn allergies so be careful. :)

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PamLuvs2Cook July 20, 2007

This is a most wonderful treat. Actually I dropped the garlic, and added a fresh bunch of Italian parsley (ground up). As Blitz is one of those smart Weims, I told him during the whole process that this is going to be his. He watched and waited attentively, but as it was baking my mouth watered. Yummy fragrance (really!). When it came out of the oven, he had no choice but to share it with me. Then along slunk our cat, and you can guess what happened next. Anyway it is a healthy treat and I know what is in it. I am about to make it again, and this time will add chopped carrots too. Almost like cooking for kids, you know? Disguise the healthy stuff.

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Marietta Mary Lou October 11, 2004

My beagle loved it; at least what I scraped off the top... but I halved the recipe and only sprayed the pan with oil from a Misto sprayer. It wasn't enough, or I should have used shortening, or should have used another cooking sheet... Spent 2 days soaking and scraping the pan to clean it. (Since it was a fairly new Calphalon jelly roll pan, I didn't think it would need much greasing...I was wrong...) But will very likely try it again next time I see liver on sale. Woooof!

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cheryl May 06, 2003
Liver Bread