Lithuanian Cold Beetroot Soup

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is very easy and fast soup, especially when u wanna eat or there is so hot outside that u don't wanna eat any hot meal. So try it and u will be surprised;) By the way, this soup is straight from Europe, Lithuania country:)

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  1. Prepare potatoes to boil and boil them before you start your soup.
  2. Cut beetroot into long slices then cucumbers into small peaces and bunch of dills into very small peaces.
  3. Boil eggs into water about 7 minute.
  4. Cut each egg into 12 peaces.
  5. All cut ingredients put into pot and add a little bit of salt.
  6. Mix everything and add buttermilk and then mix again.
  7. And you can eat it.
  8. This soup you also can eat fresh mashed potatoes.
  9. Skanaus!
Most Helpful

I love saltibarsciai, too, nothing better on a hot summer day. This was not quite enough buttermilk for me, I used closer to a quart, I would say. Also, I do not add the eggs to the bowl, but only to individual servings, and I chop mine up. (If you make more than you can use at a sitting, the eggs will go funky.) Also, the potatoes I serve on the side, not mixed in. Usually I just serve plain boiled potatoes, but mashed potatoes are good, too. If you ever have roasted fresh beets lying around, try it with those.

duonyte July 23, 2008

Mmmmm saltibarsciai... A personal summer favorite! My family's recipe is a little bit different, instead of the buttermilk we use a couple of dollops of sour cream and water (and/or ice if you want it to chill faster), add some finely sliced radishes, and about a tablespoon or so of lemon juice or vinear, to taste. We usually don't put potatoes, either, but there's so many variations of this traditional cold vegetable soup out there that it all ends up being a matter of preference! It should end up a nice pink/fushcia color. Everyone who isn't Lithuanian that I've made this for seems skeptical when they hear what this cold "borst" consists of, until they taste it and beg for the recipe. A very unique and worthwhile recipe to try out if you've never had anything like it!

Dan S. December 28, 2007