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This is gonna be good! I know that twice, because Cheryl says it will be, and I am a great judge of these things! Here's what I did: Those annoying pits are sharp when crushed and I couldn't use the zip top bag because I was loosing the precious juice. So I changed my strategy. I pitted the cherries by hand, (wear gloves, that juice could be tattoo dye!), and put the cherries and the pits in two seperate zip top bags. Then I spanked the cherries with the meat mallet until they looked like I thought they should. I then took the bag with all those cherry pits and whacked each one with one of my husband's hammers until they were crushed. I mixed them together in a big zip-top, we could have sworn those pits smelled like almond!, put them in a bowl just in case, and they're doing their 24-hour thing in my pantry. See pictures of my finished products before I mixed them. I will take their portrait again in one week when I bottle, and then I'll tell you all about it when we taste it in 6 months! 5 stars right away for the fun of taking aim and crushing those cherry pits with the big hammer! Wheeee! UPDATE: I am SO emarrassed. Guess what I did? I put this concoction in my cousin's wine cellar and promptly forgot about it. I forgot to strain it, heck, I forgot to even decant it for almost the full 6 months. And when I finally found the cousins at home and was able to retrieve it, the pits had become a sludge on the bottom. I strained it through coffee filters and it is TO DIE FOR! I kid you not. The color is beatiful, too! Sorry it took this long, Cheryl!

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Chef PotPie June 18, 2007

looks good so far and smells nice .. I am up to the 'storing for months' phase.. quick and easy to put together.. Will update when it's done :) Allie UPDATED.. 9 months later it's a nice colour however it has a very earthy flavour to it. Maybe the cherries I used weren't the same as you have in the US. I think I'd leave the pits out if I did this again. Will leave it in the cellar for another 6 months and see if it mellows out a bit more.

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SaintAllie September 25, 2009
Liquori Casalinghi (Cherry Liqueur)