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These were very very good brownies. I made them almost exactly as written. (This also gave me a chance to finally use my brand-new Calphalon 9" round pans.) Since the two chocolate ingredients offer some options, I'll specify that the baking chocolate I used was "Baker's unsweetened baking chocolate squares", and the chocolate chips were the semi-sweet kind. I don't have a double-boiler, so I melted the chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe bowl. The nuts I used were pecans; I used up some chopped ones I had on hand, plus I chopped up some pecan halves, to add up to 2/3 cup. I'm not very familiar with baking brownies from scratch, and at 25 minutes a "toothpick test" of the brownies seemed to indicate that the brownies weren't done yet, so they baked for a total of 27 minutes. After cooling and cutting, it seemed to me that maybe 25 minutes would have been enough after all. I only ate half of the brownies (over 4 days), and gave the other half to a neighbor - she said she thought they were very good too. I highly recommend this recipe, and I hope to make it again soon.

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spooty3 February 01, 2009

Yummy!! These brownies are relatively easy to make and absolutely delicious. Just the right amount of chocolate. I used semi sweet baking chocolate, because you didn't specify and left out the nuts (my family won't touch anything with nuts). I did have to bake mine for 33 minutes, they were still completely raw at 25. Thanks for the tasty recipe.

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emilysimmons September 26, 2007
Lion House Picnic Brownies