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Thank you, Linky1! I have the pages for this recipe, which I tore out of the magazine so many years ago. For the last so many months, I've been trying to find online, the magazine it was in. It turns out I was right the first time: Family Circle, December 1979. I had also collected from that issue, a collection of international cookie recipes. I have the pages in storage somewhere, but I wanted the magazine again. In future, I will keep the magazines! Anyway, this is the first and only Linzer Cookie recipe I've ever cared to make. Just reading the ingredients and oggling over the picture of the White House Chef, Roland Mesnier, I knew it was a winner. I haven't made it for years and hope to again soon, much to everyone's delight. Try that kourabidies recipe (greek crescent cookies) and the sesame seed cookies, too! I made them a few times years ago. Look forward to making them again, soon. Roland Mesnier by-the-way, has a website and if you subscribe (free), he sends you emails of his latest escapades.

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Julia G. August 13, 2014
Linzer Cookies